Tottenham v West Ham: Pochettino heaps pressure on Bilic

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Tottenham v West Ham: Pochettino heaps pressure on Bilic

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Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t mean to make life more difficult for Slaven Bilic, but that’s just what he’s doing to the West Ham gaffer. The Argentine manager is heaping loads of pressure on the embattled Hammers boss ahead of today’s Carabao Cup tie. SBOBET

The Spurs gaffer was quite honest with his description of the match’s importance, or lack thereof, to his club during yesterday’s press conference. Pochettino told the press he’d like to win the Carabao Cup, but clearly stated its near the bottom of his list of priorities for the season. Logically, Spurs are much more focused on chasing the Premier League title and progressing deep into Champions League play.
Unfortunately for Bilic, his team isn’t faced with those same challenges. The Hammers’ recent poor run of form has their higher-ups more concerned with avoiding relegation than trying to qualify for European competition. The grim truth is that Bilic’s next loss could easily be his last for the Premier League club.
By publicly diminishing the importance of the match to Tottenham, Pochettino is making it a must-win occasion for West Ham. The Spurs squad will enter the match with zero real pressure. Their starting XI will be a mishmash of reserves and Academy players. In a sense, Spurs will play this match with house money. SBOBET

West Ham, on the other hand, will likely field a pretty strong lineup. The competition is more important to their club’s season and more importantly, they need to generate some momentum. Beating a London rival, even in domestic cup competition could be just the kick-start Bilic’s squad needs to turn things around.

The other side of the equation is, of course, much darker. If Bilic chooses a strong lineup to take on Tottenham’s makeshift group and suffers a loss, it could be the last straw for West Ham ownership. The embarrassment of losing to Spurs under such conditions might be more than the Hammers’ SBOBET fan base can reasonably be expected to bare

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